here I love to share all about my travel, my life, beauty, and everything. 

My name is Nur Sakina.
Call me as Kina.
I'm 25 years old, 29 December 1990.
Born in Klang,MY.
Lives and works in KL / Shah Alam.
Status single but I already engaged with Muhammad Hamadi (8 Feb 2015).


I have a instashop (online shopping through instagram) for side income I start join and try to make a online business since in University (just for fun). Alhamdulillah, I do alone sometimes I open booth for sales all my items. You know, my friend around me call me "makcik busy" haha once they all texting or whatsapp or nak jumpa mesti text "hi, makcik busy" and actually tak pun sebenarnya :P

I can't if nothing to do, yes I do all as freelancer job such as PA for my abang yang always busy, always attend meeting for short project, do write-up, do excel for all kira-kira, go to hiking and spend a less money for travelling.

Enjoy every each time and your life.

p/s : Oh yaa I really can't believe I can get him (Madi) ohh my god! He's already mine, may Allah ease everything for me.

Allah create a different people for a different story.

last update : 27022015

Nina Isa